About Us

Jeremy & Michele Harnish

Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes is a full service painting and finishing firm located in Orange County, California. The company is family owned and operated by Jeremy Harnish.  

Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes is well known in this industry for our acute attention to detail and impressive artistic talent in wall finishes and wood finishing. Customers rave about the "design eye" and the ability to create the perfect finish to match the style and essence of their home. We customize each project to the desire of each client.  

Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes aims to provide a high quality service/product to the most discerning clients. The goal is to create an array of artistic expression and customized finishes that elevate the ambiance of your home.  

Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes prides itself on providing the highest caliber of work in your home to enhance the beauty of its' interior and exterior areas.